Commercialising IP Portfolios, Licensing Intellectual Property And Business Development Licensing

Creating new income streams

Open Innovation is creating new opportunities for organisations to generate income from intellectual assets. Commercialising IP portfolios through proactive business development, such as licensing innovations to other companies, means that unexploited inventions and ideas can be commercialised through joint ventures, spin offs and licensing arrangements.

Universities and the public sector: commercialising IP portfolios

For universities and public sector research organisations, IP assets are a means of creating new income streams and attracting commercial partners. This leads to wider public benefit from transferring technology via research partnerships, licensing of intellectual property or new venture creation.
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Commercial organisations; intellectual property licensing

For commercial organisations, IP is an asset through which they can create a competitive advantage not just through their own exclusive use but through granting rights to others and non-core IP can be exploited to generate additional sources of revenue.
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We work with our clients on all aspects of intellectual property licensing and commercialising IP portfolios:

IP Pragmatics has experience of commercialising a wide range of different types of IP (know-how, copyright, patent and trademarks etc) in a range of different business fields. We combine marketing, business intelligence, contract negotiation skills and extensive company networks to find clients the best partners for their technology opportunity. We are specialists in licensing, joint venturing and new company creation.

Licensing of intellectual property

The commercialisation and IP licensing environment is extremely competitive. Organisations need to work efficiently and quickly to identify, evaluate, and negotiate deals that create value. IP Pragmatics can help achieve an edge over the competition by providing guidance and hands on practical help to clients who need assistance in developing business development strategies, identifying partners, prioritising targets, evaluating opportunities, and negotiating deals.