Intellectual Property Valuation And New Business

Understanding the value of your IP

Evaluating the commercial potential of your intellectual property assets

Intellectual property valuation requires an understanding both of the scope of the intellectual property and the business sector in which the asset could be exploited.

We work with our clients to assess their assets in a commercial context and areas of new business development through:

Identifying new markets and business development opportunities

IP Pragmatics uses proprietary and subscription competitive intelligence databases combined with a wide network of relevant business sector contacts to help clients identify new business development opportunities. The results describe the addressable markets for envisaged products, their characteristics, trends and the competition.

We combine this with an understanding of the development stages required to take envisaged products to market. Based on this information we recommend the commercialisation route for each project and define the value proposition for the technology.

Market assessments and business plans that help you succeed

The outputs of this analysis range from an individual technology market assessment report and specific deal valuations through to full business plans.

We can also provide practical support in executing your business plan. We are able to use our wide industry networks to help clients realise the value of their intellectual property assets through directly assisting with all stages of taking a technology, product or service to the market. This includes marketing, deal making and business plan operation.