A Patent Landscaping Search Will Provide The Most Up To Date Analysis Of Who Is Patenting In Any Chosen Area Of Technology

Patent landscaping analysis

A patent landscaping search will provide the most up to date analysis of who is patenting in any chosen area of technology. Particularly important in early-stage R&D, the results from a patent landscaping search will help shape your business plan and align it with your intellectual property strategy.

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Reports will provide critical intelligence as to which of your competitors are patenting in your field, who is entering the market, potential conflicts with your own patent portfolio, and where you could gain a competitive advantage. We have the technical, legal and business expertise to not only perform an effective patent landscaping search, but interpret the results. Patent landscaping allows companies to minimise risks and identify opportunities and helps shape their future development, research, and IP portfolio.

Using a range of proprietary and subscription patent databases and landscape analytical tools, IP Pragmatics is able to perform a qualitative evaluation of the patents that define a particular technology field. This allows an organisation to understand and visualise through patent landscape maps and other analytical tools key attributes relating to that particular technology/business sector.

The main output from the analysis is a comprehensive written report outlining the findings of the analysis and listing recommendations for how the organisation can position itself within the overall technology/business sector landscape. This report provides critical competitive business intelligence in any easy to digest format for reporting to academics, senior management and/or other key non-patent professional staff.

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