Managing The Profitability Of Your Intellectual Property

Managing the cost of your IP portfolio

Creating new income streams from intellectual property or commercialisation is only one side of the value equation.

IP Pragmatics, through IPRIS, provides IP management services to help organisations more effectively manage the costs associated with maintaining their intellectual property assets. By reducing direct costs and internal management costs, clients can increase the profitability of their intellectual property assets.

Access your portfolio online

Our online client interface helps you manage your patent renewals, trademark renewals and validations.

You can upload the details of your entire IP portfolio onto your client interface, including trademarks, PCT applications and patent applications that do not require renewal.

The interface allows you to sort and filter your IP portfolio by family, renewal status and country amongst other categories and enables you to print the results or export them to an Excel spreadsheet.

You can set up notifications to be sent to your inbox when renewals are due and order renewals on a case-by-case basis, in your own time. Alternatively, you can choose to have automatic renewals if you prefer a low-maintenance system.

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Accurate patent budgeting

Our online client interface includes a 5 year forecasting tool for patent renewals.

You can use this tool to anticipate renewal costs for individual patents or patent families for up to five years allowing you or your licensees to budget for the costs.

Preparing for national validations

European Patent Office notifications are monitored automatically and uploaded to your client interface so you can obtain quotes and budget for upcoming grants and validations.

Every successful European patent application enters the Validation phase. Already being one of the most expensive phases in the lifetime of a patent, it is often made more costly and complicated without need.

IPRIS works with patent translation providers that are industry-leaders in their field and significant savings on translations created through the high volume of cases processed are transferred directly to IPRIS clients.

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Monitoring status of patent applications

The status of your PCT applications can be monitored in order to notify you of Entry to National Phase.

The overall costs of nationalisation can be extremely high however, up to a third of costs incurred are unnecessary administration charges and unanticipated patent attorney costs.

Through IPRIS we can offer a customisable service that works seamlessly with the services of your patent attorney and reduce your costs by eliminating intermediary processes.

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Managing the cost of patent renewals

You can benefit from continued cost management of your IP portfolio after European validations and PCT nationalisations.

After processing European validations and PCT National Phase Entry, we can continue to reduce the direct costs of your patent portfolio by processing the renewals of the national patents and patent applications.

For more details of the renewals service, please see the Annuities page.

For more details on the IP Management Services, please visit the IPRIS website.

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