Intellectual Property In The Public Sector

Supporting commercialisation activities in the public sector

Technology transfer solutions for Public Sector Research Organisations

IP Pragmatics works with a large number of different universities and public sector research organisations both in the UK and overseas. We understand and are sensitive to the often conflicting missions that these organisations face as they balance their teaching, research and government support functions with creating value through technology transfer.

We provide:

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Our services are provided on a per project basis; through longer term contracts where we work as part of the internal support network or as a complete outsourced technology transfer solution.

For many of our public sector clients we provide ongoing practical technology transfer support. Depending on the needs and objectives of the client the level of support can vary from one-day a month, to one-day a week to a full-time resource. Support can be provided by a specific individual based at the client's site or through several members of the IP Pragmatics team.

Over the past five years IP Pragmatics has carried out commercialisation support work for more than 50 universities and government research organisations globally. Over this period we have completed more than 40 individual IP commercialisation deals for clients all over the world, securing more than £15 million of up-front income to date (with considerable additional revenues due from downstream milestone, royalty, equity or other forms of payment).

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