Diana Barbut

Diana joined the IPRIS team at IP Pragmatics’ London office in 2022, after working at a leading IP law firm in the city.

Having worked in a fast-paced IP environment, handling a variety of aspects relating to all things European Patents, but also to the Finance, and Marketing and Business Development aspects of a large IP law firm, Diana’s administrative, financial, and creative experience and knowledge is vital in her role as IP Renewals Customer Services Assistant.

Diana has a First Class Honours LLB degree in International Law and Globalisation from University of Birmingham and she has completed a year abroad as part of her degree at San Jose State University in California, US. She speaks 6 languages: English and Romanian at a native level, French at an advanced level, and German, Spanish, and Italian at an intermediate level. Additionally, she has a degree in Computer Science and an interest in software, as well as in technology on a broader scale, the way it interacts with the user, and how the client experience can be improved.

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