Cleantech: We cover environmental sciences, sustainable use of resources, clean energy technologies and green chemistry


Protecting the environment

We work on all types of energy-saving and environmental technology projects, particularly where they come with a life-sciences slant. We have also carried out IP analytics and valuation assessments on many different types of renewable energy technologies, including wind, wave, and solar. The cleantech sector also includes innovations in sustainable land and water use including remediation, through to alternative ‘green’ energy sources, green chemicals and waste management.


Hands-on help

By bringing together our investigations of the patent landscape surrounding these new approaches with commercial acumen and market intelligence, we can tailor our advice to shape the next steps that a company or university should take to identify, analyse, value and exploit their technologies.


Building our knowledge

Cleantech is an emerging field of focus for IP Pragmatics. Our work in the sector has grown out our experience from long term support work for public sector clients whose research interests broadly span different services and technologies covering the land and marine environments. We also have team members with industry experience in the renewable energy sector, and learn from the overlaps with aspects of our work in the agritech and industrial biotechnology sectors.

Industry Sector Lead:

Elaine Eggington

Executive Director

+44 (0)203 176 0585


Project Outcomes

  • We supported researchers who have developed a stacked Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) unit capable of increased power output and waste clean-up rates, in an improved, lower cost and more flexible configuration than is currently available. Following our evaluation of the commercialisation options and applications for the MFC technology and successful testing of a prototype at the Glastonbury Festival, we developed a business plan for a spin out company to exploit the technology, including supporting the search for a CEO to lead the venture.
  • We conducted an IP landscape and market assessment for a bioremediation technology for highly toxic waste produced during extraction of oil from oil sands in Canada. This led to searches for potential partners for the technology and setting up meetings at an industry conference.
  • We worked with a university-based global environmental research network with industry led research clusters focusing on: Water & Wastewater Research; Waste & Remediation Research; Environmental Monitoring Research; and Energy from Biomass Research. In one specific project, we carried out a market assessment and commercialisation plan for a novel “Biosettler”, an improved form of final settlement for wastewater treatment plants that will allow additional aerobic treatment to occur during the period of settlement. This work involved an assessment of the waste water treatment sector in the UK and globally to identify development partners for the technology.