Bansi Pattni

Bansi works on client consulting projects with a focus on intellectual property analytics and competitive intelligence. Her projects range across multiple industry areas including aerospace and medical devices, for corporate clients as well as government organisations and universities. Prior to joining IP Pragmatics in 2014, Bansi was the in-house IP analyst for a wind energy company in the Netherlands where her role was to devise and implement a sustainable IP strategy for the company’s existing commercialised products, as well as their R&D projects. In addition to consulting activities at IP Pragmatics, Bansi is also involved in the company’s own marketing and business development strategy. More recently, she project-managed the software development and launch of an integrated product for IPRIS AG, a partner of IP Pragmatics. The integration expanded IP Pragmatics’ client base into North America and following this growth, Bansi now manages the design and implementation of the process and operational strategy for IPRIS AG. Bansi completed her first degree in Physics with Medical Physics from the University of Nottingham, followed by a Masters in Management of Intellectual Property at Queen Mary University, London.

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