Competitive Intelligence: Deciphering global patent information and markets to direct your IP and commercial strategy


Essential tool for established industries as well as emerging technology sectors

We undertake competitive intelligence for clients globally, including large corporates, SMEs, universities and research institutes.

Our experience in competitive intelligence covers everything from gene editing and graphene through to cattle fertility, aerospace structures and smart meters.


We understand competitive intelligence in a commercial context

We use a range of proprietary and subscription market and IP databases and industry-leading IP analytical tools to carry out services for our clients including market assessments, patent landscaping, patent searching and regular patent watches.

Our team includes qualified IP professionals as well as professionals with first-hand industry and commercial knowledge in a wide range of sectors. We use this experience to enhance more traditional patent searching and analysis by incorporating market understanding and industry insights.

Broad competitive intelligence to shape commercial and corporate strategy

We offer high-level competitive intelligence which enables you to:

  • Understand your competitive position in a particular industry or technology sector
  • Provide valuable insight into competitor R&D activity and innovation strategy
  • Identify key players and highlight licensing and partnering opportunities
  • Deliver graphical outputs of patent trends and landscape maps


Targeted IP analytics to shape IP strategy

IP analytics for early-stage technologies and new products is used to:

  • Give an indication of patentability for early-stage technologies
  • Analyse the freedom to operate in a particular technology sector
  • Inform product development strategy
  • Perform a qualitative evaluation of patents that define a particular technology sector

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