Physical Sciences: We cover research areas across chemistry, physics, materials science and environmental science


Broad technology expertise

Our work in the sector is complemented by our experience from long-term support work for clients whose research interests broadly span different physical science services and technologies, and overlaps with aspects of our work in the life science and industrial biotechnology sectors. In addition to our broad and extensive physical sciences experience, our team includes members with career backgrounds in the speciality chemicals industry, wind energy and academic research in materials science.


Markets and applications

We have supported technologies from around the world which span applications in industrial catalysis, synthetic chemistry, chemical processing, plastics, semiconductors, photonics, sensors and robotics, among others. In particular, cleantech is a growing field of focus for IP Pragmatics. We have supported cleantech innovations in renewable energy, batteries, green chemistry and sustainable land and water use including remediation.


Hands-on support

By bringing together our commercial acumen, market intelligence, industrial networks and investigations of the patent landscape surrounding new technologies, we can tailor our advice to shape the next steps that a company or university should take to identify, develop, value and exploit their technologies.

Industry Sector Lead:

Scott McKellar

Senior Consultant

+44 (0) 131 524 8140



Project Outcomes

  • Developed a business plan for a spin-out company to exploit a stacked Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) unit capable of increased power output and waste clean-up rates, in an improved, lower cost and more flexible configuration. We evaluated different commercialisation options and applications, and helped to find a CEO to lead the venture.
  • Assessed possible business options for a university-based plastics technology and sustainability research centre which is coming to the end of its public grant funding . Based on market insights and extensive interviews with companies which produce, use and recycle plastic packaging, we recommended the optimum business model and the necessary short-long term logistical, technical and commercial considerations and actions.
  • Identified and engaged with potential partners for a company developing coincident microphone array technology to improve standalone microphones. This led to direct licensing discussions between our client and a potential licensee, an electronics company based in the US.
  • IP landscape and market assessment for a bioremediation technology for highly toxic waste produced during extraction of oil from oil sands in Canada, leading to searches for potential partners for the technology and setting up meetings at an industry conference.