Transaction Support and Licensing: Moving from Valuation to Revenue


Multiple perspectives on IP transactions

IP Pragmatics’ bring expertise and experience from a variety of backgrounds including large corporates, SMEs, early-stage investment and tech transfer organisations. We have a perspective from both the licensor and licensees positions and have led or advised on large scale deals on technologies at many stages of development, from concept to finished products.


Transactional expertise

Our experts have been involved in a huge variety of IP-centric deals, often with licensing at the core. We can offer best practice commercial advice with licensing agreements, assignments, JDAs, JVAs, IP acquisition and divestment and many others. We help you to structure these deals and turn theoretical valuation into tangible revenue streams.


Building your commercialisation strategy 

IP Pragmatics works closely with you and your technical and legal advisors to build a winning commercial strategy and guide you through decision making during the commercialisation process. We can advise on financial and value-affecting terms, and how to get these into a term sheet that works for your IP.

Develop your IP value proposition

We can help you to understand the drivers of value behind your IP, which lead directly to the commercial terms:

  • Selecting commercial opportunities from a portfolio
  • Understanding the strength of your IP in context
  • Advising on appropriate deal structures for your objectives


Get the best deal terms

We can turn a headline IP valuation into a commercial term sheet that will deliver value for your IP:

  • Selecting the appropriate deal structure
  • Balancing fixed and variable royalty terms
  • Advising how to share value between licensor and licensee (or vendor and purchaser)
  • Giving guidance on value-affecting terms to include or exclude


Negotiate deal terms with confidence

IP Pragmatics has a team that are highly experienced in commercial negotiations and can suggest the strategies, hints, tips and processes to get your IP based deal over the line. We work with all types of client including universities, SMEs and larger corporates. Our expert advice can take your headline valuation through to revenue:

• Negotiation strategies to realise the value in your IP
• Troubleshoot problematic terms or deals
• “On table” negotiation support if required

“We engaged IP Pragmatics to help us negotiate an IP licensing agreement with a leading UK University. We were very impressed by their extensive experience and responsiveness from the start. They have lived up to our expectation, helping us take a very hard negotiation over the line. We enjoyed working with them and would do so again. I would definitely recommend them to organisations trying to navigate IP licensing negotiations.”

CEO, Biotip Ltd