Policy & Strategy: Understanding the wider context


As well as supporting specific commercialisation projects, we have undertaken high profile projects helping organisations across the academic research environment to understand how best they can identify, assess, manage and commercialise their intellectual property (IP). This includes work with government and public sector bodies to inform their policy-making.


Active members of the knowledge exchange community

We work closely with universities across the UK, Europe and globally, and have first-hand experience of their different drivers. We are active members of university knowledge transfer organisations in the UK, US and Australasia, contributing to the wider debates within the sector as to how best to address the challenges of the changing environment.


Shaping public policy-making

We have also been fortunate to lead a number of public sector funded reviews across different aspects of the knowledge exchange landscape, examining topics such as proof-of-concept funding, tools to smooth industry-academic collaboration, and evaluation and benchmarking of university knowledge exchange activity. As experienced practitioners we believe we bring a practical and pragmatic perspective to these assessments.


Knowledge exchange and commercialisation strategy:

  • Bringing activities in line with changing organisational priorities for KE and impact generation
  • Benchmarking your approach and performance against that of your peers and aspirational comparators
  • Ensuring compliance with the latest legislation and guidance
  • Introduction of specific policy areas, for example to consider student enterprise


External income-generation

  • Setting strategies to increase external income generation
  • Updating internal support structures, as well as marketing and business development planning to deliver new strategic approaches
  • Capacity building within an organisation
  • Support for strategic funding bids
  • Providing ongoing hands-on IP, contracting and commercialisation support acting as an outsourced member of your team


Policy and training

  • Understanding the uptake and outcomes of specific policy initiatives
  • Shaping new policy initiatives to support innovation and commercialisation
  • Development and delivery of bespoke training courses for academics, students and knowledge exchange staff in the public and private sectors, covering all aspects of IP identification, protection, exploitation and broader entrepreneurship

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