Food & Nutrition: With a primary focus on novel produce, functional foods and speciality ingredients


Strategic insights

Over the past decade, IP Pragmatics has built up a broad appreciation and understanding of supply chains, market dynamics and product development that span a number of food, beverage and ingredient categories, working with many innovative SMEs and leading research institutes and universities globally.


Industry contacts

We routinely engage and meet with major players and tier 2 companies across these different food (including meat, dairy, bakery, confectionary), ingredients (such as macronutrients, flavours, fragrances and probiotics) and applications (including obesity, satiety, gut health, bone and joints, brain health, ageing and infant formulations). Using these interactions we are to be able to quickly determine current trends, technology interests and partnering requirements to inform our clients’ novel opportunities.    


Practical approach

With technical and commercial expertise, we are able to quickly assimilate our clients’ product, technology or research interests and provide valuable insights, practical advice and next steps that to progress the food and nutrition opportunity. This is performed through a combination of market assessments, patent landscaping and value chain analyses and direct approaches with prospective industry partners and/or buyers.

Industry Sector Lead:

Ronnie Georghiou

Executive Director

+44 (0)203 735 7651


Project Outcomes

  • Over the past 5 years, have engaged and met with leading national and international food producers and grocery retailers on behalf of a novel food start-up.
  • Assisting an SME to engage with European and North American partners to pitch and evaluate a novel, tooth-kind confectionary product as a supply or licensing opportunity.
  • Worked closely with and provided a leading team of food researchers an alternative perspective on the food innovation landscape to inform their project plans and partner interactions.
  • Identified and developed an option agreement between a global bioscience company, which develops natural solutions for the food, nutritional, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries, and an Australian biotech company.
  • Developing a licensing framework for a major Irish food and health initiative which is helping inform the deal terms for licences completed by the initiative with major international diary partners.