Vaccine Technologies: Market Assessment and Intellectual Property Landscape

Vaccination has been one of the most effective tools to prevent infectious disease, which makes it key in global human healthcare, and in preventative health and disease control programmes in animals. There is a drive for innovation through research and development in this field, especially with the risk of endemic outbreaks of zoonotic diseases which pose a risk to not only animal health but also human health. Recent outbreaks of COVID-19 and African Swine Fever (ASF) have highlighted how new diseases can impact when there are no effective vaccines.

A combination of market research and patent landscaping provides an overview of the current and future applications of vaccine technologies in different industry areas. The white paper also incorporates details of the key organisations, factors affecting the market, licensing and collaboration.

The applications of the technologies are well-aligned with the areas of expertise of IP Pragmatics: Life Sciences, Human Health and Animal Health. 

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